Client Endorsements

 Client References

New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation

It is such a pleasure for my staff and me to do business with AdTec.† You and your team are right there watching out for us, and you raise issues to us as soon as you know about them.† So, I would like to recognize the responsiveness and dedication of the team on your end, who make our jobs so much easier on this end!

Sal Costanzo, Director, Technology Resources
New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corp.

MSD of Mt. Vernon

AdTec has been a lifeline for us in the sea of confusion and paperwork that encompasses the federal†eRate program.† Several years ago, we implemented a new fiber-optic WAN through a leased services provider, and the SLD was giving us a hard time on eligibility of the contract.† Without the competent support and guidance from our AdTec professionals, we would have lost several hundred thousand dollars in reimbursement.† With AdTec, we know we are always planning well ahead of the funding curve and will be positioned to take advantage of any options available through the eRate program.

Loren Evans, Director of Business and Technology
MSD of Mt. Vernon

Lake Central School Corporation

Lake Central School Corporation tried to handle the USF forms internally and didnít do a very good job at it. We didnít fully understand what was required of us in filing the forms. We decided to employ AdTec to file the necessary forms and file for the reimbursements. It has been a wonderful experience for us, and we have been a client of AdTec since 2003. AdTec will come to your office and meet with you and your staff to make sure that they fully understand what youíre doing so that they can file for approval and then get the maximum reimbursement possible. We are extremely happy being a customer of AdTec and would strongly recommend other school districts to join them.

Thomas J. Dykiel, Ed.D., Director of Business Services
Lake Central School Corporation

Allen County Public Library

Adtec is one of those rare companies that constantly exceeds my expectations. Their expert knowledge of the Universal Services Fund (USF) has helped the Allen County Public Library maximize the funds we have been awarded. They constantly keep us updated on the changes that are occurring within the program and offer outstanding service, with a true library focus. They have supported us with shifting deadlines and bill reconciliation with vendors that have failed to provide USF discounts. I could not imagine filing for USF without their assistance and guidance.

Sean Robinson, Bibliographic & Information Technology Services Manager
Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, IN